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Welcome to Turnaround Friends, Inc.


Welcome to the Seaside Wildflower Wildlife Nature Park


Shamefully neglected property

Mission:  Identify degraded, shameful, abandoned sites or neglected properties in local neighborhoods.  Pursue public officials, civic organizations or applicable parties to form a "turnaround" plan to turn them around into prideful community assets.


Richmond County Savings Foundation Gazebo - Flower Garden

Project:  In 1994, Anthony & Shirlee Marraccini established the predecessor grassroots effort when they began rescuing and preserving an undeveloped seaside derelict area.  They initiated the plan to have 30 acres of vacant property transferred to NYC Parks with the goal to create the "Seaside Wildlife Nature Park".    


A place to play

Nonprofit:  TFI is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to transform negative conditions within a local community into a source of pride. TFI is totally volunteer staffed, no payroll, no employees. 


Sit and relax

Accomplishments:   The Seaside Nature Park is a NYC Park with currently 5 acres.  An additional 15 acres were added in 2006.  TFI has already installed a Wildflower Garden , 9-11 Daffodil Garden , Living Memorial Grove of Healing, lawns, walkways, benches, bushes and trees. The park is beautifully landscaped and being enjoyed by the public on a daily basis.


The Seaside Nature Park today!

The Dream:   We believe that this will be the start a national grassroots movement for local groups to solve their neighborhood problems. The Seaside Nature Park Project will be a model to motivate, educate and guide other neighborhood groups in overcoming similar negative properties in their communities. 




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